Do you want to transform your health and wellbeing? BOOTCHAMP is a 12-month online program which provides you with the tools and actions you need.

Lifechanging decision decisions take courage, clarity, goals and require the ability to act on them. Without a plan or guidance, this process can be overwhelming.

We have created the framework, support, and tools to help and guide you through the process. Bootchamp will help you speed up the changes and the program will save you from years of frustration and failed attempts.

The first 4 months are intensive and personal. Weekly you will receive small videos, activities, and challenges for you to try out and implement in your daily life.

The challenges continue throughout the entire year to ensure your continuous growth and work effort. Every month you are invited to join us live in the community. The purpose is to keep motivation high, share your experiences and get feedback/support from the other BOOTCHAMPERS. BOOTCHAMPERS share their personal goals and the community acts as an accountability partner.

Who is the program for?

The program is for you who want a fresh start. If you want to make health and wellbeing your major priority in your life. THIS IS FOR YOU. Nothing is more important than your health!

BOOTCHAMP will help you:  

  • Define your future vision of who you are and where you want to go
  • Clarify your goals
  • Exploit your unique strengths
  • Increase your energy level
  • Increase your ability to make results
  • Implement valuable tools which supports your overall health and wellbeing
  • Be in control of your planning of nutrition and exercise
  • Learn the advantages of better sleep and breathing
  • Be in conscious control of your mindset and emotions
  • Attain clear focus and prioritize what is of value to you
  • Create valuable relationships that will support you many years ahead
  • Understand and navigate between demand and expectations from both yourself and your environment
  • Be completely transformed into a stronger and healthier version of yourself – both physically, mentally and emotionally.

And you will do it in balance with your own integrity and personal values.

BOOTCHAMP is intensive and challenging. There is no shortcut, no magic formulas, or guaranteed results.

To make a lifestyle changes that you can be proud of demands a lot of focus, courage and persistence. BUT MOSTLY it requires you to take actions and be willing to play along

You are not given solutions on a silver platter; however, you will learn which actions are necessary to take and you will be challenges to try different solutions to find the perfect match for you and your lifestyle.

Our primary target is to train your thought and behavioral patterns for you to be able to make decisions that supports you. You will attain skills you can use for the rest of your life.

BOOTCHAMP is for those who are eager to create change and make a difference for themselves and their loved ones.

In 2022 everything is online.

Due to COVID19 the entire program is now available online, which gives you the opportunity to participate from home and in your own pace. You will get access to videos, MP3 audio, workbook material and links to additional resources. Everything is available online. You will get opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and participate in an encouraging community with mentors and other BOOTCHAMPERS.


We encourage you to register early, as you will get access to fundamental pre-training to give you the most benefit from BOOTCHAMP.

You get access to material which has been designed for you to make clear and conscious actions.

The program have 6 fundamental modules and several bonuses. Every module contains lessons and workbook material. Some lessons are for your knowledge – others consist of actions you can apply.

Each week you will receive a challenge to either reflect or act upon.

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Learn at your own pace – there is no behind

The BOOTCHAMP program is an annual program that runs over 365 days: But you actually have access to it for 3 years from the launch date. Which means that if you sign up from March 1st, 2021 you will have access to the program until February 29th, 2024

You can participate at your own speed.

If you are a steady learner, you have the opportunity to redo the program 3 times, and get even deeper with your personal growth.

Remember life is not a straight line. We all meet bumps on the road. No matter where you are in life: On maternity leave, struck by long working hours, often on the road or struggling with some of life’s many challenges, there are no behind in this program. You can come back and pick-up where you left off, take a few steps backwards or start over next year

How much time do I need to spend on the program?

This program is about you, your energy balance, your health and wellbeing.

Your engagement and the time you spend on the program defines how fast results occur. But don´t worry, you can still succeed even if you need a break or slow down. You can still catch up later and carry on from where you left off.

You need to set aside time to exercise

Exercise is a fundamental part of living a healthy energized life. Expect to spend an average of 30 minutes a day. Part of the exercise can be added to your normal daily routines. – e.g., walking or using your bike. It is also possible to gather your daily exercises and instead do one hour of exercise 3-4 times per week.

Time to grow – dig deep into the online resources The first 3-4 months (March to June) expect spend an average of 1 hour per week on the online lessons. Partially to watch videos, listen to audios, reflect and work on the challenges given. You can download the audio files and listen “on-the-move”, while doing the daily household chores or exercising etc.

Advice and guidance

If you become overwhelmed or fell like drowning in your daily life – reach out – we are here to provide you with support. You get advice and guidance from equals in a safe and encouraging environment.

Dedicated mentor

Ask questions and get feedback from mentor coaches. These coaches have expertise from different professions like nutrition, body, finance and more. You will not feel alone on this journey.

Active comments to lessons

After each lesson or challenge, you are invited to ask questions and share experiences with the community

Live sessions where we meet online

During the year we host 12 live sessions, where we meet online and give you opportunity to create bonds, network, and exchange experiences. You can ask questions live and share insights and development. These live sessions er confidential. 

The vault of knowledge

You get access to the vault of knowledge aka. The FAQ. Anonymized questions and answers are available to all BOOTCHAMPERS, so you do not miss out on golden insights and good advice to you fellow BOOTCHAMPERS.

A further introduction to the modules

BOOTCHAMP consists of 6 basic modules, plus additional bonuses packed with knowledge, exercises and small challenges, which will move you and help you develop new skills.

Combined, you will dive deep into the elements of the 9 factors for optimal health and wellbeing.

Below you will find a short description of the program, the modules and bonus modules

In every module you will find:

  • An introduction to the topis and why it is relevant for your health and wellbeing.
  • Lesson that each describes part element of the factor in question
  • Printer friendly PDF files with highlights from the lesson on which you can write you personal goal and reflect on how you can adapt it to your lifestyle.
  • A quiz to test and jog your memory
  • Weekly challenges to help you grow your mindset, add new habits and adjust them to your life.

Basic modules

Body & Breath

Your body is the foundation of your health. Every day, 24/7, millions of cells are working hard to keep you going. The health of your cells equals the health of your body. If you give them poor working conditions, they will a hard time doing their job and it increases the risk of cell mutation and perhaps death of your cells. A poor cell environment will create opportunity for sickness and injury to occur.

Happy and healthy cells are priority number 1. This module explains how you can improve the conditions for your cells. A key tool is your breath. You will learn simple breathing techniques which can prolong lifespan for your cells and in addition lower the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression.


Sleep is not something you can skip. Sleep is a natural part of the rhythm of the body. It helps you store energy, heal damages to your body and build your immune system. Sleep is also important to your brain.

Breaks during the day helps you to restore energy levels and clear your head to become more focused.

BOOTCHAMP teaches you techniques to improve your daily recovery and install new habits that will benefit you throughout the day.

You will learn how to improve your breaks during the day and how to optimize you sleep conditions to get good quality sleep.


Adding focus to your diet is a necessary and highly effective tool to keep your body and brain in optimal shape, avoid disease and get enough fuel to handle challenge throughout the day. It is easy to get lost in trends, diets, and science about what you can and can’t eat.

This module helps you develop your own strategy that suits well with your beliefs, your needs, and your daily life. You get a good overview of the does and don’ts, inspiration, options, and recommendations. You learn how to put together you own diet and to get optimal nutrition and energy.

Daily activity

We can’t ignore the benefits of being active every day if we want to restore and maintain our health. Exercise is one of the most profitable tools you have when you want to become healthier and live a long happy life. However, it is one of the tools we have a lot of difficulty holding on to. Exercise takes time and are often neglected in order to have more time to do things we feel more urgent or more pleasurable.

Exercise provides you with oxygen and it releases hormones, that will add more value to your performance all day long.

This module teaches you how to work out, and how to intelligently plan your workout most optimal for you to benefit from and gain a body in balance.

We will challenge you to try activities you might not have tried before to understand, grow and find a workout that suits your lifestyle.

Emotional drive

Your health is strongly connected with your emotional state. This module dives deep into you basic needs, emotional patterns, and values. You learn how your inner conflicts can stand in way of your progress and how you can leverage the knowledge of your emotions to create the motivation you need to become healthier every day.


Your communication and your habits have huge impact on your health. A large part of our inner programming has been created to protect us but in reality, we can sabotage our entire progress, if we don’t learn to recognize the destructive negative dialog and inappropriate habits.   

This module helps you spot patterns in your behavior and your choice of words. With small secure steps you will be able to choose new ways of making progress in your life.

Bonus modules

Introduction to the 9 factors

Yes, your foundational health is highly depending on how you sleep, eat, exercise and breathe. However, there are several other factors that have huge importance on whether you succeed or not.  

I have mapped out 9 factors that all influences on your total health and wellbeing, When you live with optimal balance between these 9 factors, you will experience a larger sense of peace and satisfaction with your life.

The balance will be noticeable when you become aware of how these factors affect each other. It will help you to proactively make better choices that supports you in your goals and dreams.  


relationer 9 faktorer

Your relationships are of huge importance for your health choices. No matter what, we are social beings. We are depending on others and they affect us with their choices too.

Health is so much easier when you pursue it together with someone else.

You will become aware of who you identify yourself with and how your relationships affect the choices you make.

The target of this module is to create an optimal balance with room for relationships that nurtures and supports your development toward living a balanced healthy and happy life.

Job & Carriere

job 9 faktorer

Are you all deeply involved with your work? Perhaps the last person in the office when everyone else have left to go home? Or maybe you have chosen to work from home and care for your family?

This module dives into what footprints and legacy you want to leave in the world. What has your greatest priority? Is it worth going after at every cost?

This module helps you discover and get into the core of how you want to contribute to the world. What makes you happy? What are your passionate about?

Lifestyle & Finances

livsstil 9 faktorer

Your expectations and dreams towards your lifestyle have massive influence on your health.

If you are burdened with debt or has set a high standard of how your home and surrounding should be, you are at risk of undermining your wellbeing with frustration, stress and depression.

Learn to balance your expectations with the conditions of your life and set goals that are aligned with your values. What do YOU want to achieve and experience, and why is it important to you?

Influence & Control

indflydelse 9 faktorer

Who is in charge of your life?

Expectations and demand from your environment and your self can often knock us out of course and prevent us from reaching our dreams.

This module helps you to reclaim your inner strength and make the necessary decisions to change your life.  It is all about your integrity and personal power.

Personal Growth

vækst 9 faktorer

Learn how your personal development relates to and have a strong influence on your health and wellbeing.

In this module you will use your small everyday successes as a catalyst to create even more successes. Through the entire BOOTCHAMP program you will attain new skills that creates new neurological connections in your brain. This can be leveraged. You are not only training muscles, but also you brain and that affects all areas of your life.

Productivity & Results

Produktivitet & Resultater 9 faktorer

Overwhelmed by to-do lists and everyday practicalities? Take control over your calendar and everyday chores.

This program teaches you once and for all what it takes to prioritize what is most important for you.

I have handpicked the best strategies and tools to ensure that you will be able to achieve your goals.

Exercise program – Get into shape in 12 weeks

No health without exercise. This 12 week-program is constructed with the purpose of offering the foundation of training. The program focuses on circuit training, strength, and recovery exercises. Everyone can participate. You are offered a mix of small programs you can put together depending on your weeks schedule. Focus areas are upper body, lower body, core, stretch, and circuit training. Together these small programs will give you a complete body workout.

4 week diet plan – Reset

Allow me to make this clear: BOOTCHAMP is not a strict diet, eating trend or anything else fashionable.

This 4-week meal plan is my personal meal plan. I call it” RESET”. Because that is what it does. The purpose of the meal plan is to bring balance into the body with simple healthy eating habits.


Get my favorite healthy recipes. They will contribute to a balanced and nutritional meal. You will get inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks. You choose yourself if you want to use them every day in your diet planning or as inspiration for your own cooking.

Focus on your veggies

Learn to love your veggies! With this module you are invited into the magic world of vegetables. Okay – maybe I am a little too enthusiastic about vegetables ;-). However, I promise that you will learn about all the advantages of bringing more vegetables into your daily diet. And perhaps you will get a couple of recipes too.

The natural energy in your body

There are several elements that contributes to the energy level in your body, Do you know that the change of season and moon phases have significance for the energy balance in your body? This module will introduce you to other elements that affect your health and wellbeing. Some you can´t control but you can leverage them in your daily life – just like wind in sails – and it will be easier get healthy results.

Clean up – and release more energy

Create a home with less clutter and fewer to do lists. Too much clutter will drain your mental energy and affect you with stress. Get a better overview and focus om what really matters. Learn simple techniques for better organizing and storage in your home and get rid of what drains your energy.

Wardrobe check

The highlight of the transformation. ;-)Okay, maybe mostly with a feminine perspective.

Does your wardrobe match the ideal of you? Lean how to mix and match your basis wardrobe in to reflect the personality that you have become and of course within you budget.